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How to get slash commissions from comic book artists

I’ve received 4 asks since yesterday that asked me variations of “how?” concerning the Tim/Kon kiss. Here’s the post I wrote a while back on that topic.


So I was thinking about how to answer an ask I got and I ended up deciding to write a sort of how-to on commissioning interesting (read: gay) commissions, because more people need to start doing it (and then post scans on tumblr). So this post is just a bunch of tips I’ve gathered to help get slash commissions from artists at conventions.

- Know exactly what you want to ask and to whom. Don’t just have a vague idea of “Steve/Tony slash” because then you’ll probably have to explain what slash is to one of your favourite artists and you’ll die on the spot. Make it something you can describe in a short sentence, like a prompt. “Tony hurt in a bed and Steve watching over him”, “Dick and Tim pillow fighting in boxers” (heh), that kind of thing. Having a ready prompt is also going to help if you’re nervous about talking to the artist because you’ll be able to, like, practice asking in your mind. Yes this sounds ridiculous but this really helped me with some artists.

- “x and x kissing” is not a good prompt. It will most likely get you an outright refusal that might be insulting because some artists make faces and stuff. I’ve ended up asking straight-out for kisses a lot anyway, and, honestly, the vast majority of artists are very professional and don’t sneer or anything, but they still all say no (except if you’re requesting a canon gay couple). The point of this is: ask for subtext, symbolism and romance. Have something in mind that is clearly shippy but stays within the plausible deniability spectrum. And symbolism can be fandom insides, which can be fun to play with.

- Have back up plans in case artists say no to your first request because of technicalities like “this is too complicated”. Even if you want something with two characters, have an alternative with only one character. Even if you want a full-body, have a back-up plan with a bust. Asking for two characters is probably either going to cost twice as much (and, uh, commissions aren’t cheap, but honestly that one rarely stops me) or the artist is simply going to refuse drawing two characters. Many artists do one-character only commissions, so be ready for that. Just so you all know, Marcus To is one of them. It’s pretty rare that he’ll say yes to two-character commissions. This is why I have “Tim sitting on a bed wearing Kon’s shirt; he’s looking at a form on the bed but we can’t see who it is.” Full-bodies are also potentially bad on our wallets. There are ways to get implied slash out of a one-character bust shot. If you can figure out a prompt that requires only one character, bust up, your commission won’t cost you a million dollars, and you will increase the chances of the artist not turning you down.

- You will have more success if you ask for two women than if you ask for two men. Yay, homophobia and sexism?

- Don’t get down because artists say no. They will. I’ve had more artists turn me down than the opposite. DON’T QUIT! We should make a list of artists who will draw slash and/or slash subtext somewhere available… 

- Smile a lot. No, seriously, smiling works wonder! Just be nice, really. If you show up with a request they might be on the edge about, being nice or not is what is going to make it or break it.

And this is everything that comes to mind. Now go forth and conquer!

I’ll add something, though: except in cases of canon pairings, I never got full-out slash out of a first commission from a pro artist. With time, I got closer to some artists and not so much to others, and there are definitely people I wouldn’t even try to get anything non-gen from. Obviously, some artists have different limitations than others, and what they like/don’t like to do varies. It’s kind of a process, and part of it is dumb luck.

Tim Drake (Red Robin) and Kon-El (Superboy) kissing. Drawn by Marcus To at Fan Expo 2014, in Toronto.
Here’s the scan, as promised!
Welcome to my entirely too many new followers that I acquired while I was in the bus back from the convention! I am pretty sure you are all here because of this particular piece of art, so I think you might enjoy my commission tag. Although, fair warning, some of it is NSFW since I don’t only commission DC/Marvel artists.

Tim Drake (Red Robin) and Kon-El (Superboy) kissing. Drawn by Marcus To at Fan Expo 2014, in Toronto.

Here’s the scan, as promised!

Welcome to my entirely too many new followers that I acquired while I was in the bus back from the convention! I am pretty sure you are all here because of this particular piece of art, so I think you might enjoy my commission tag. Although, fair warning, some of it is NSFW since I don’t only commission DC/Marvel artists.

Queer Wecomics (recs from the Otakuthon panel)

Thank you to everyone who came to the queer webcomics panel! As promised, here’s the list of all the webcomics we talked about. The ones marked 18+ have explicit sex in them. Nudity might still be present in the ones not marked 18+.

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal(18+)
Spacejinx Mission(18+)
14 Nights(18+)
Khaos Komix(18+)
Best Friend Forever
Always Raining Here
Young Protectors
Prince of Cats
Purpurea Noxa(18+)
O Human Star
Friendly Hostility
Go Get a Roomie
Buying Time
Gunnerkrigg Court
Questionable Content
La Macchina Bellica
Demon of the Underground

If you have any question you can ask in a reblog or send me an ask! :)

Otakuthon panels

So I’m hosting a few panels this weekend at Otakuthon, in Montreal. Some more serious than others. 

Where Are the Queer Superheroes?

The popularity of superheroes has been increasing exponentially in the last decade. However, most of us have realised that even though DC Comics and Marvel have put out more than fifty movies since 2000, none of them starred a queer superhero – or even had one in the background. Are the comics any better? Where should we be looking for those rare gems?

Saturday, 3PM, Room 524AB

Queer Webcomics and Where to Find Them (16+)

The sheer quantity of webcomics published online these days can make it a little difficult for the yaoi fan to find anything relevant to their interests. Come share your own personal favorites and discuss the comics that are available online!

Friday, 8PM, Room 524C

Sports Anime: Balls Touching

Sports anime are kind of (very) gay, and don’t listen to anyone who says this isn’t the case! Join in for a discussion on some classic titles like Prince of Tennis and some newer ones like Kuroko’s Basketball and Haikyuu!!

Saturday, 7PM, Room 524C

They’re all going to be great, obviously. I’ll be giving some stuff during the queer superheroes one, so you should let yourself be bought by the idea of free stuff at the very least.




OMGs. If the 50 Shades of Grey movie looked like this I’d be in line right now waiting till February!

I’m not even in this fandom and I nearly blew a fucking gasket watching this. If Sebstan is strange compelling to you and if D/s is your jam, just click play.

Huh, ok well i guess i’ll be thinking about dudes kissing shoes all day, thanks tumblr. <3


I decide to just put the subs on (I’m translating from Chinese subs) last cap was after Goto tell Masayoshi that “I know love better than you, virgin boy” hahaha this anime SO FULL OF SURPRISES   

Books Are Going The Way Of The Dinosaur

Me: “Hi. What can I help you find today?”

Customer: “I want to find a book.”

Me: “What book are you looking for?”

Customer: “I’m looking for that book with a bunch of words in it that sounds like a dinosaur?”

Me: *stares for a moment* “…a thesaurus?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Read more funny stories at NotAlwaysRight.com!:

(Source: notalwaysright.com)

NBC is straight-washing Constantine



I’m not normally one to be a rabble-rouser, particularly on the internet.

But I really think the fandom forces of tumblr should collectively spam NBC about Constantine, and recent disclosure that they are straight-washing his character. (He’s canonically bisexual in the comics)

If there is one thing fandom can collectively agree upon, there aren’t enough queer people in mainstream media. NBC is making an adaptation with an ALREADY QUEER CHARACTER, and making him straight. Bisexual men are a particularly under-represented demographic, and this is frankly the height of fucked up.

The good thing is, fandom can perhaps nip this problem in the bud. Although the show has been officially picked up by NBC, it is still very much in development. If we — the active fans of the world — collectively threaten to boycott before the show airs in October, we might have a good chance of forcing a creative shift.

So get in touch with NBC and make a complaint.

Tumblr: http://constantine.tumblr.com/

Twitter: @NBC || @NBCConstantine

Email Message: http://www.nbc.com/contact/general (under “Questions not found on FAQ page about NBC Entertainment”)

And please reblog this post. Spread the word. If anything is worthy of fandoms collective ire and criticism, it is this.

Welp. Also WOW read the link because that is a ridiculously offensive rationale. “Maybe in 20 years or so?”

Also do you like how character’s sexualities are magically never that important to the character when the character happens to be queer